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What Our Clients Are Saying

It was seven years ago when our son Samuel first bounced a tennis ball on his tennis racquet. It was reassuring to see how both Tanya and Dean patiently worked with the 10 or so kids including our son.

Seven years later our reserved Samuel swings his racquet confidently, taking on stronger opponents with conviction equipped with the skills Dean and Tanya have worked tirelessly with him over seven years. They create a learning environment that welcomes all personalities. They create a well balanced structure of learning and play. They are witnesses to our kids growing from child to young men and women. I would refer them to every parent who wishes for their child to learn a sport and enjoy learning it.

Rennel & Mari

I have known Dean Porcellato for over 7 years as an instructor, league co-ordinator and racquet stringer.  He is the quintessential person for your tennis requirements. I have enrolled in his Adult Group lessons and I have enrolled my children in his junior lessons and junior tennis camps.  Dean is an excellent instructor with a keen eye on development and improving your tennis skills and knowledge of the game.  My game has improved substantially over the years and when I need to tweak something in my game I have taken personal lessons from Dean, which have been extremely beneficial.

For his competitive leagues, Dean assesses each individual to ensure players of similar skill sets play competitive matches.  I look forward to each of my matches whether it is doubles or singles as I know I will have a competitive match.
Because Dean understands my game, he is the ideal person to string my racquet with the type of string that matches the power and spin I put on the ball.

Wayne McCallister

My Son and I have been with Tennis Everyone  for 7 years now, and it has been a total pleasure. The level of organization, quality of the training, and individual care Dean and Tanya put into all the programs is what sets them apart. The inclusivity they bring to the community is a huge plus for anyone interested in playing tennis at any level. In addition, my son has really enjoyed Tennis Everyone’s Junior League, which is a great outlet for children who have an elevated interest in the game, and, want to excel at tennis, in addition to making new friends in the process.

I can’t say enough great things of what Dean and Tanya offer with their many programs, training classes, and leagues. Very highly recommended!

Stephen Stepanic

My daughter (13 years old) enrolled in the tennis program with Dean and Tanya 5 years ago, and both she and I are delighted with the program and her progress. She is with a group where she is learning the basics of the game, and has a good balance of technical input and time to put the new skills into practice. It is also a place where she has made new friends and they make sure that the group has plenty of fun on court playing games. It is fantastic to hear tennis and laughter together. I would strongly recommend Dean and Tanya as serious professionals who enjoy sharing the fun and a good place to introduce your child, or adult into the wonderful world of tennis. The coaches have motivated my daughter to want to play high school tennis next year and I could not be happier.

Paula Parise

My daughter Keira has been training with Dean & Tanya over the past couple of years and has really grown to love the game of tennis! In the previous five years, Keira had several tennis instructors but when given the opportunity to train under Dean & Tanya, they took the time to focus on perfecting her techniques and elevated her skills to the next level. As they challenged her, she developed a competitive confidence, whether she played in fun matches or competed during difficult tournaments. We are so pleased Keira’s had the opportunity to learn, train and build her personal confidence in the game of tennis with them.

Grace Kong

Both qualified classroom teachers and tennis pros, Tanya and Dean have that magical combo of knowing how to progress tennis skills while still making lessons fun!  Our two kids have been taking lessons for 9 years, and still love every minute of it!  We love that the progressive teaching style keeps the kids actively engaged for the full lesson, (not waiting in line to hit the ball like some traditional lessons), so they progress more quickly, get a better workout, and have more fun! We definitely would highly recommend taking lessons with Tennis Everyone!

Lisa Harhay

“Enrolling our child in the summer camps with Tennis Everyone is the BEST investment we have made. The Instructors are highly skilled and enthusiastic and relate well to the varying skill levels of different students… Above all the classes are FUN!!! This program offers high quality instructional programs for players of all ages and ability. The program is both challenging and competitive and is run by well experienced and enthusiastic coaches. Great Job!!”

Deepa Aditya

​I started playing tennis over 10 years ago with NO experience and it was Dean from Tennis Everyone who guided me through the learning process.  Dean encouraged me and taught me the basics of the game as well as the etiquette.   He groomed me from an inexperienced player to a player with confidence in my game. I have personally participated in every type of program that Tennis Everyone has offered.   The leagues are well organized and hands on.  You will frequently find Dean checking in with the league players and providing tips and encouragement.

Tennis Everyone stays involved in your learning process throughout your program ensuring that you are learning and having fun. Involvement with Tennis Everyone makes me feel part of a Community….playing together, learning together.

Rosie P.